Lake Champlain and the Pirates
By Karen Hill (Karamal, Mac 26x)
(Based on the 2005 Lake Champlain Rendezvous)

A strange thing happened at Lake Champlain when a group of 29 Macgregor sailboats arrived to sail her seas. “PIRATES”…

Pirates BIG and BOLD and some a tad smaller, all invaded Valcour Island where they were all seen with their red and black spyglasses. Then on to Burton Island where all kinds of pirate activities were observed, some pirate hats appeared then some pirate bandanas, then OH NOOOOOOOOO They all had eye-patches.

The younger Pirates make necklaces with skull beads or were they real bones.

A TREASURE HUNT of the strangest kind sent the younger Pirates scurrying across the docks looking for the boat that had their “Treasure” on board. Soon the sight of bright jewels and pieces of golden coins were seen with each Pirate.

That night a ghostly fire was seen on shore as the pirates young and not so young gathered for a feast of S-mores and Sea Chanties.

Come morning the Pirates all gathered for a farewell to the Island and on to new adventures.

Back to Valcour Island the Pirates drank hearty and ate well as they all had a tattoo or two put on. They slept well till the next morning and then had a farewell gathering to the Island as the group went in many directions, yelling for all to hear “AARRGGHH, be seeing on the seas another day my Pirate friends.

Many of the Pirates were seen later that day partying at a private home on the hill and I hope when ALL the PIRATES finally got to bed they had their Pirate hat on, their many treasures close by, that their tattoos last a long time and they remember their Pirate adventure with a smile.

Karen Hill

The New England Trailer Sailors

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