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Macgregor Owners Association of New England
New England Trailer Sailors

The Commodore's Comments

Hal Streeter, MOANE Commodore

Entering the 2002 Season:

Thank you for your continued vote of confidence as the Commodore of our trailer sailing organization for a second season. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of MOANE for the past four years and look forward to life-long friendships with everyone I have and will continue to meet.

Since the formation of MOANE in 1993 as a MacGregor Trailer Sailors Club we have retained many of our founding members. Since that time our membership has evolved into a more diverse mix of sailing craft and portability. While our core membership and mission remains trailer sailing we welcome the sailing skills and fellowship of all members.

Last month we decided that we would like to create a new club web site which more closely represents our current population of members and future direction. Our new test site (URL) is: This stands for: New England Trailer Sailors. Our objective is to be more receptive to our increasing diversity of membership that currently includes: MacGregor, Hunter, Catalina, Venture, Westsail, Sparpie and others.

This past season we also reflected on our goals and accomplishments. I'm happy to report that we met or exceeded more than 85% of our goals. Two areas that we need to continue to focus on include the contribution of new articles for our web site ( and and to increase the number of guest speakers at our meetings.

This coming season promises to be one of continued enjoyment and passion. Our destinations include both inland lakes around New England & upstate New York plus the NE coastline. Also, several of our loyal members cruise Florida and the Bahamas. Their contributions add significant depth to our club experience.

Thank you for your continued support.

Hal Streeter
MOANE Commodore (now also