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2006 Time Enough Reports from the Bahamas

The sailing reports below are compiled from emails received from Bob and Carol "Time Enough" from the Bahamas. Wish we were there!


March 27, 2006

Georgetown is the ultimate destination for many cruisers, and for good reason. It has everything-large and protected anchorages, beautiful beaches, a cruiser friendly town for provisions, an airport for visitors. And Georgetown Cruiser Regatta. Regatta is held in early March, but the plannning and organizing go on for a year before hand. This year was the 26th annual event. Many boats hustle to Georgetown, set their anchors and don't move for 3 or 4 months. There is even a tee shirt motto "Nobody move, noboby get hurt"

TIME ENOUGH and PUFF STUFF arrived in Georgetown two weeks before Regatta, set three anchors each and settled in. The nice thing about staying put is that you have time to get to know fellow cruisers. The first day here there was a weather seminar by Chris Parker, volley ball on the beach, ribs and beer at Chat and Chill, and a concert by Eileen Quinn. Eileen is a singer/song writer/cruiser who really nails the cruising experience in her very clever songs. Typical titles are "Pirana Potluck", "Anchoring Dance", "If I Killed the Captain", "Please Don't Make Me Dock".

Everyday is similarly busy, a lot going on. Art shows, volleyball tounament, yoga, dominos, bridge, beach bocci ball, Beach Church, and of course preparing for regatta. Carol had three visits to an excellent dentist and got a new crown at much lower cost than home.

Regatta opened March 3 with a party on volleyball beach. Saturday was the round island race. Sunday was dingy races, which yours truly lost soundly. Monday was the harbor race that Puff Stuff sailed in and did not come in last. Tuesday volleyball and bocci ball tounaments. Wednesday was childrens day, coconut harvest and conch blowing. Thursday regulation volleyball. Friday beach golf and smimming events. Saturday art show, sand sculpture, and a great variety show.
Any of these events could fill a letter, but I'm out of time and space.

Bob and Carol


March 28, 2006

Regatta is over and it's time to get the hook up and do some sailing. First picked up 6 weeks worth of mail; only took 3 weeks to get here. Long Island is only 30 miles south and east. Winds were light so the 30 miles took us all day. Calabash Bay on the north end is beautiful but is wide open to the west and can be rolly. I prefer 400 degree protection and no more than 25 yards of fetch. Joe Sound is such a place, but the entrance is very, very narrow.

It's deep enough, but probably only about 40 feet between rocks and coral on either side. Once inside there are islands and sand banks all around; perfect protection. We stayed and extra day, diving on reefs outside, scrubbing marine growth from the bottom, Bandit running for miles on the sand banks. That is, at low tide; at high tide Sam discovered that Bandit will poop in the water if he has to.

Next day we had a tough sail in 18-20 knot winds to Thompson Bay. Wind was stronger and further east than expected. I tore the tack out of my jib, but that had more to do with old age of the sail than the conditions. Thompson Bay is large and well protected, and 35 other boats were anchored there. Following day was St. Patrick's Day and Carol and I fiddled at happy hour at Thompson Bay Inn. There were over 50 cruisers there and it was quite a party. Following day we rented a car and toured. Highlights were the church in Clarence Town, snorkeling the blue hole on the east coast, watching the sun set from the bluff on Cape Santa Maria. I finally saw the green flash! The blue hole was by a beautiful beach in a remote part of the east shore. Surrouded by white sand, it drops off to black nothingness; no one knows how deep it is. Blue holes connect to the ocean by deep caves, and there are all sorts of fish. Sam saw something with a trunk like an elephant - he can't find anyone who has ever seen such a thing. New species? Halucination?

Sunday was calm and we motored the 30 miles back to Georgetown in order to be there to greet the Foshays. Pam and Bruce moved onto Island Time and quickly picked up the relaxed cruiser life style. They traveled all the way across the harbor to volley ball beach. There were plans for longer cruises but somehow time ran out. A week is definately not enough. Maybe next year! Also ran into new Moaners Dan and Linda Lacey, who were here kayaking, and had a good gam with them. Eight people in Time Enough's cockpit. Now time for us to head back north.

Bob and Carol

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