Summer Sailstice

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Summer Sailstice

Post by Mildred Rose » Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:47 am

This adventure was a scheduled rendezvous with our sailing club, the North East Trailer Sailors.

There were 4 boats on the rendezvous - Sea Section with Carin and Dave, Wave Walker with Randy and Eric, Tri oomph with Ken and Judy, and Mildred Rose with Paul and Millie

The rendezvous started on Friday, when Mildred Rose departed her mooring in Marion MA. Sea Section, also moored in Marion, departed a bit later.

Paul and Millie on Mildred Rose were sailing around Buzzards Bay. This date happen to be the start of the Famous Marion to Bermuda race! We sailed away from the race group, as to not get in the way. As we looped around the bay, the race was just starting. Got some great shots of the boats with the sails up!

We headed for our rendezvous point, an anchoring spot behind Bassett Island. We anchored and unwound from a good day of sailing! That is.. until a large, dark cloud approaced from the North. I pull out my phone with weather mapping..saw a very large, but fast moving cell approacing (like I needed to do this.. i could see it!) you could see a wall of rain coming in fast! It passed by in about 3-4 minutes at most.

Later on, Sea Section came in to the anchorage. Dropped the anchor. After they got settled, I went over to greet them in our dinghy. I brought Dave and Carin back to Mildred Rose for 'happy hour' . Had a good time! Once it started getting late, I brought them back to their boat so we could all have dinner.

Dinner was simple and good. Got to bed early (well for me). Had coffee before bed. Also it is noteworthy that this was Sea Section's first scheduled rendezvous with the club! And also the first night they spent on their boat since owning it!

Saturday we were expeting 2 more boats, Wave Walker, and Tri Oomph to join us sailing Buzzards Bay. Dave and Carin decided to join Millie and me on Mildred Rose and go sailing together! It was a good sail, had some good wind, not too choppy seas... We found Tri Oomph in the bay...Wave Walker had to take care of a minor issue with their boat, but overcame it and came to the rendezvous. This, also , was their first rendezvous, and they are new members of the club!

After sailing around, we headed back to Bassetts. Anchored again. With the weather forecast turning for the worstl we decided to cut the trip short and depart later in the day. So we had the group come abord Mildred Rose for happy hour.

After we socialized, we had to make our way back to our boats and depart to beat the sunset. We had a good beam reach back to Marion, for a nice relaxing sail!

So we had a lot of firsts.. 2 first rendezvous, first overnight and new member!

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