I bought a sailboat

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I bought a sailboat

Post by nets_user » Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:21 pm

First time posting trip report... so here goes.

This winter I bought a new sailboat well new to me. It's a 1975 Siren 17'. If not familiar with this boat she was built Vandestadt McGruer Ltd. in Canada. She's a Fractional Sloop with swing keel. Anyway a few months in Kittery cleaning her up, my wife made new cushions covers for the cabin and I checked all the rigging and replaced what was needed. I only cosmetic item was to paint the interior. The son 10 years old meanwhile is bouncing off the walls wanting to go for a sail. Patience is not his strong suit.

April arrived and I hooked her up for a tow up to the lake in Palermo, ME. Sheepscot Lake or Pond (depending on who you speak with) 1200 acres and 140' deep is a lake to me. I stepped the mast and backed her in. Well she floated yeah. New kicker motor fired up and a quick motor across the lake to our camp. Docked and no issues.

Now for this sailing part of the deal. I had sailed a little at a young lad down on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, dinghy sailing we had a Super Snark at camp for the last few years. But this is a whole new game.

So there was a light breeze blowing 4-5 knots steady. I figure it's time, we motored out of our cove to the middle of the lake. Pointed the bow to the wind and raised the mainsail. Holy cow that thing looked big. Thought best to just start with the main. No problem... I sailed around for about an hour like this. I felt comfortable, I figured it was time. I unfurled the headsail and she filled and we shot off like a race car. The old girl heeled over about 20º. The boy scrambled up the the gunnel and held on for dear life. I guess the jump from 1-2 kts to 4-5 kts was a bit much at once. I dumped the wind from the main and trimmed things out a bit. The kid smiled and looked relieved. We sailed along for a while but the wind kept increasing and I had not rigged the reef point yet. So I dropped the main sail and just kept the headsail flying as we headed back to camp with the wind on our stern. A good first sail. I figured time to dock while I'm ahead.

Well now we are into the end of June. We have been sailing every weekend and most days. I'm feeling very comfortable on the lake. Although very frustrated that the winds are not consistent. I have been working to get the lights working and replacing all the wood with PlasTEAK. PlasTeak is amazing stuff. I send the company a handrail in wood. They send me back a new one made of PVC. A exact copy. NO maintenance!!!! I have got the reef point rigged and thinking about adding a second one. Got to look into the cost of that with a sail maker. I also need a whisker pole.

After much emailing around to folks with Sirens I found a boom tent so I think a overnight on the lake is in order soon. Guess I'll have to plan to take the jump to the big pond soon. I'm in no rush but I'd like to see how she'd handle on a nice long run.

Well the old girl is not much to look at she needs a paint job from bow to stern, however she is sailing like a dream..

I welcome comments or thoughts...



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