August on Lake Winni

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August on Lake Winni

Post by Ynot » Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:05 am

While I'm not sure if this qualifies as a cruise report, it's been a while since we wrote one so I figured that it is our turn.

While we did attend Allen Harbor I and a week on Lake Champlain last summer, after daughter's July wedding we were beat! We also have our little cottage on the pond in NH to enjoy and were conflicted about leaving it to go sailing.

Ah, compromise! We check around for marinas at the south end of Lake Winnipesaukee to see what looked promising and affordable. One of the drawbacks of Winni is that you cannot anchor out, so it would mean mostly daytrips.

OK - well, we decided on Roberts Cove Marina in Alton, a working-man's marina about halfway between Alton Bay and Wolfeboro on the Big Lake. We were able to work out a deal where we could keep the boat on the trailer, rigged, and then just back it down the ramp whenever we wanted to go sailing. So, that is where Y'not spend the month of August 2012!

This enabled us to sail often without the hassle of the setup and take-down. The folks at this family-run marina were friendly and really cared about us, our boat, and even our dogs! Whenever we had company, we were able to take them for a sail, often sailing into Wolfeboro to take advantage of the public docks and a short walk to food, drinks, and ice cream!

We did manage a weekend trip as well. We sailed up to the Gilford area, and met up with Chuck and Helen Healey for a sail - although their new Hunter "big boat" sailed circles around our 26X! We took a slip at Fay's and went out to dinner with them - a great evening all around.

So, while we are not attending as many rendezvous as we used to, we are still sailing! We think that this will probably be our plan for this coming August as well...

Faire Winds,
Nancy & Dan Dobbins
s/v Y'not

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