Tashmoo 2013

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Tashmoo 2013

Post by Tsatzsue » Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:01 am

Great time at Tashmoo. Another adventure for sure!

With the weather issues on Fri, night launch, early sunrise sail across the bay and the motor issue it was certainly interesting. Poor Sue was really sick on the crossing. She is a trooper and pulled it together on Saturday.

I have really great video of the sun rising while under sail. Everyone was sleeping. At least till we started really rocking. I will attempt to post it on You Tube and send the link.

We motored across the sound due to the lack of any wind. The hole was calm and let us through without any issue. We stopped at Hadley Harbor to check it out and have breakfast and make a bloody marys for the bay crossing. Really neat place. Again no wind so it was a motor all the way.

Classic starting the motor ranch style. I could hear a little kid pointing my starting technique out to his dad on their $750,000 sail boat. Ranch style rip cord....hahahhaha.

Got scared when the motor died in the middle of the bay. That awful power down and stop. Fortunately it was just the fuel line pulled loose from the tank. With a couple rip cord pulls we were under way!! 3-4 gallons of gas to go from Tashmoo to Farhaven. Not bad!! In all we burned about four gallons for the entire trip!!

We really had a good time. We had conflicting plans for the next Allen Harbor rendezvous but are changing them so we can go now.

I handed out a NETS card to a very interest dad and hopefully have planted another seed.

Never got to see the Mildred Rose but hopefully next time I can get the tour. Pics will be coming.


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