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From the Commodore

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Commodore’s Address Ken Boutiette 2015- Thoughts

Hello All,

First off I want to say thank you for appointing me to the post of Commodore of the North East Trailer Sailor Club. Joining the club two years ago I would never have thought I would be Commodore. In fact this is the first organization that I have belonged to. So…it will certainly be a learning curve.

First, a little about me…I was introduced to sailing by my grandfather on a small lake in Sutton called Manchaug Pond. Myself and my cousins, too many to name, learned every inch of that small lake by any means possible. I remember tying truck tubes together and putting plywood on top. We would paddle around the lake like Tom Sawyer. That got the hook set. Then came rubber rafts. You at least had a chance to point them in the right direction. It was glorious freedom. We even had a toilet paper stash on the far shore just in case. World Travelers, Hahahaha!

My pepere introduced an O’Day Mariner 19' 2+2 to the mix and the sailing bug was set. It wasn't long before I was single handing with the genie, main and spinnaker. I was ten then. Many years had, have passed since I had sailed. I owed it to my pep to teach my kids what he had given to me. The love of sailing and the freedom of the water.

My father was more of a daredevil sport fisherman. On a typical Saturday morning at 3:00 am he and my uncle would let us throw our sleeping bags in the back of the pick up for the two hour ride to the ramp. The location was depicted by where the fish were hitting. Somehow they always knew. We would then travel the two hours to the ocean and head out into the morning sunrise hoping to catch fish on the small center console boat. Let me say this, those guys were more scientists that fishermen. They would make all their own gear including the rods. Amazing. Melt pipes into jigs. In fact my uncle just gave me a huge stock of his home made jigs. He is 90. I’m sure my dad would still be tying surf flies if he were here. I remember driving the boat through Canapisit channel off Cuttyhunk at 13. I was even allowed to have a Narragansett half quart. I was on top of the world. Travelling the 30 mi to Nomans Island without Loran or GPS was no big deal to them. I guess that’s where I get my sea legs (balls) hahaha!

Today we jam three girls, wife and dog into the 1977 V25 and take off for the weekend. The girls take turns navigating and making food for the crew. We watch the shooting stars on anchor, catch the sunrises and sunsets and laugh at whatever calamity is at hand. There are usually, no… always a few. Pull starting with a rope in the middle of Buzzards Bay, motoring all the way back from

Cuttyhunk using my thumb on the carb as a throttle, not being able to find the boat in Westport Harbor at midnight after dingy-ing to dinner(bar) due to forgetting to put the anchor light on and there are many, many more. It just keeps getting better.

I hope to bring my enthusiasm for sailing and being on the water to the club. In fact just talking about being on the water gets my heart pumping. I try to have fun in any situation and bring a half hull attitude to everything I do.

The only thing that is half empty right now is the time I have to commit to sailing and the club but I will do my best to be with you on the water. If I can’t be with you physically I hope I can through social media and all ways of communication. I do not want to miss a captain’s meeting and cocktail hour!

Speaker phone and conference me in. My not so young anymore girls seem to have a function/ birthday every weekend till June. Managing an thriving HVAC service company has it’s time challenges as well. Especially with the harsh winter we had. I’m sure we are going to jump right a heat wave as well. How does it go…”Make hay while the sun shines”.

Yes, I have a couple ramp reports coming as well (for you Paul, Hahahah). Please post on the site!!!! Pics from outings, adventure tales etc…

In closing I have tremendous respect for everyone in the club as well as past members and founding members. Many of whom I met at the Christmas Party this year. We are a brotherhood of folks who love the water and all that goes with it. I hope to hold the post with honor and respect. My ears are always open so please do not hesitate to reach out to me or anyone in the club.

Happy Sailing!!

Ken Boutiette

S/V Tsatzsue
North East Trailer Sailors


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