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From the Commodore / NETS News

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April 2014
Hello NETS members and followers! This is the April edition of NETS News, a regular resource of news and events that appeal to our sailing club.

April showers bring May flowers! What do Mayflowers bring? ... Pilgrims!

Well, we’ve finally made it out of the winter doldrums… and into the spring doldrums! As I look across my yard, the receding snowpack at the forest edge and the mud-rutted driveway tell me that it won’t be long now til launch day is here. However, much work is needed between now and then… unwrap the boat, clean the hull, commission the engine, trailer maintenance, install boat show accessories…
Between boat chores and cruise planning, take some time to look back at the archive of rendezvous reports and individual sailing stories that our current and former club members have submitted over the years. I still get a kick out of these stories just as I did eight years ago before joining the club. I think you will too. The following is a random sample:

• Tom & Cindy Dykema tailered s/v Lucky Dog from Michigan to Florida in December 2001 for their trip to Bimini Bahamas.

• Dan & Nancy Dobbins spent a week Downeast in a report titled “Penobscot Bay 2006: The Rendezvous that Wasn’t.”

• Back in 2003, Tony DiStefano aboard s/v The Beep had a mid-cruise incident involving a broken rudderpost repair. His story is titled “Why I’m glad I belong to MOANE / NETS.”

• Barbara Garland aboard s/v Whale in 2003 joined up with the ‘Trailer Sailors Association’ for a weeklong cruise among the Thousand Islands area of the St. Lawrence River.

• “The Adventures of s/v Puff Stuff” as the Wykoffs trailered their MacGregor from New Jersey to Florida in the winter of 2004.

• In 2006, John & Jamie trailered the s/v Dream Catcher to Manicouagan Lake, in the northern Quebec wilderness. Manicouagan Lake is a 60 mile diameter ring shaped lake formed from a meteor impact 214 million years ago.

• “What is a Hero – Sailor Saves Two Dogs at Sea” Karen Hill recounts a heroic incident during the 2006 Boston Harbor Rendezvous.

A couple of weeks ago, I crossed paths with a fellow sailor from NH. Our conversation went from surfing to building things to trailer sailing. Ten years ago, Lee Siegmann and his young family embarked on a yearlong cruise aboard their homebuilt 26' open sailing dory. You can read their account here:
To all rendezvous leaders, now is the time to start posting information relative to your assigned event. You can start by creating a thread for your event in the Rendezvous Worksheets section of the Members Only Forum. For reference, I have already created a place holder thread for the Allen Harbor 1 event. The webmaster will soon setup the links from the 2014 Rendezvous Calendar page.
Upcoming schedule:

April 27 NETS club meeting: Location: Sky Venture NH, Nashua, NH

May 3-4 Rhode Island Boat Show:

May 23-24-25 Winnipesaukee Rendezvous: Cruise Captain: Chuck Healey

June 6-7-8 Allen Harbor 1: Cruise Captain: Andrew Found
Dues are due! It’s that time of year. We hope that you have found your membership with the North East Trailer Sailors to be of value and look forward to your continued membership and participation. To renew your membership from our webpage, click the ‘How to Join’ tab on the left column. Click the ‘Buy Now’ tab and you will be linked to our PayPal portal. Membership renewals do not require a new membership application.

If you don’t feel your membership has been of value or do not wish to renew, please feel free to contact me with any feedback you have at: or

Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you at our April meeting!
Andrew Found, Commodore
s/v Over Easy


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