NE-TS News Spring 2013

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NE-TS News Spring 2013

Post by OverEasy » Mon May 06, 2013 7:18 pm

NE-TS News Spring 2013

Andrew Found, Vice Commodore

Welcome Spring! The start of another sailing season! Or is it really the start? Even tho we live in the Northeast and technically the season ends when the last tie-off of the winter tarp is made, it is about 1.28 nano-seconds later that the dreaming, scheming and budgeting for the next year’s launching begins. How many times have you caught yourself standing in line at the checkout, shoveling the roof, riding a ski lift to the summit, or writing a non-conformance report at five o’clock on Friday afternoon, and thinking about trimming out the new galley mod, stocking more epoxy sticks, or which anchor will hold best at Burnt Island? Trailer sailing in the northeast is not a seasonal pursuit, but rather a year round activity that is really distinguished by days in the water vs. days out. Spring, for trailer sailors as well as any boater, is six weeks of catch-up and get it done projects before the first launching. Even tho I have come up with a ‘new’ plan for my galley mod, I am jealous of those who have actually removed the tarps and are halfway thru the spring commissioning list. But I still have another two weeks before the last-minute-push! After all, if it weren’t for the last minute, then nuthin’ would get done! Yes, Spring is here!

Catching up on past club business, I want apologize for having to cancel the long awaited March meeting in the middle of a Nor’easter storm. Like any long planned outing or rendezvous, safety is of utmost importance. At the same time I’d like to thank those that RSVP’d positive intentions of attending the meeting at the boat show. If you did make it, I’m sorry I missed you. Even as I was shoveling sixteen inches of snow that Sunday morning, Steve from Albany NY reported that his commute to the show was just rain. Paul & Millie also reported a favorable attendance to the seminar they presented.

Our April club meeting was a productive session. We had all Board members present as well as Robert & Kathy Dwight and Bob & Judy Chase in attendance. For a detailed account of the meeting, I encourage you to read the minutes posted in the members log in section of the Forum. Building on some of the topics discussed:

Meet & Greet Sail Together

We have long tossed about the idea of having a get-together that would be of interest to all club members as a fun social event, regardless of bringing a boat. This year, we have planned the Allen Harbor 1 Rendezvous to accommodate that goal. As typical, those arriving Friday afternoon / evening will either cookout at the pavilion or go out for dinner. Saturday’s plan is to have a Captain’s Meeting at 9:00 AM, followed by a day sail in Narragansett Bay, then returning to Allen Harbor mid / late afternoon for a shore based social cookout. Sunday will include a day sail and return to Allen Harbor for haul out. With this day sail format, we are offering seats onboard attending boats to those that would like to participate in the sail but don’t want to trailer their own boat to the event.
This format will give prospective, new, and never-been-to-a-Rendezvous-before members the insight to what a rendezvous is about and / or just to hang out with fellow club sailors! A few guidelines to make this event successful:

Communicate to the Rendezvous leaders, your desire to attend with a boat or as crew.

If attending as crew, bring your own PFD.

The social cookout is potluck (enough to share) and BYOB.

Attending boats will either overnight at dock or mooring. For those attending sans boat, overnight accommodations are your own responsibility (including bribing a captain for a berth). Refer to the Rendezvous Worksheet page for more information on this event.

Your NE-TS experience

At various club events, we find ourselves in discussions about the true nature of the North East Trailer Sailors. Are we a sailing club with an eating disorder, or are we a culinary club of sailboat owners? Regardless of how lines are drawn, we like to sail, we like to eat, and we enjoy each other’s company! Our club leadership is formed of members who either volunteer or are elected to organize events based on the desires of participating members. It has been noted that the past few years have seen a decrease in overall membership as well as participation in club events. We, the current Board of Directors, are seeking the help of all members to identify the future direction of the club. Keep in mind the following question:

What do you desire out of your NE-TS experience?

While we are always open to feedback, in the following months, we intend to put forth a survey to the membership that may help us organize future events and activities. A survey is anonymous, but we also desire to speak with members in person. Please feel free to contact any Board officer by email, or use the Forum to initiate a conversation on ideas you have.

Ongoing Business

A reminder to all that membership renewals are due for 2013. If you haven’t done so already, you can join / renew online via our PayPal page. Go to the NE-TS main webpage and scroll to the bottom. Click on the underlined: benefits of joining. At the bottom of the next page, click on the underlined: CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION. Follow the join / renew instructions.

A reminder to all Rendezvous Captains to please update your 2013 Rendezvous Worksheets. Last year’s worksheets are now serving as placeholders for this year’s updates. Make sure that dates, fees, critical data & contact info are current.

To all members: There are currently two open positions for the Board; Secretary and Assistant Webmaster. Contact Commodore Al Hill if you are interested.

Have fun on the water,
Andrew Found, Vice Commodore
s/v “Over Easy”

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