Question of the month - May

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Question of the month - May

Post by OverEasy » Mon May 27, 2013 10:59 am

Of our many rendezvous over the years and the variety of venues; lake, ocean, local and distant, seasoned and new members often have a cruise that they recall at gatherings, replay in the mind's eye, and use as a standard to anticipate future cruises. Of all the club cruises you've participated in so far...

What is your favorite NETS rendezvous and why?

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Re: Question of the month - May

Post by Ynot » Mon May 27, 2013 11:22 am

Lake Champlain!!!
The lake cruising in fresh water cannot be beat. There are so many neat places to sail to and spend some time. The year we had 27 boats lined up at Butterfly Bay on Valcour Island was unforgettable.
This is like camp for grown-ups...we see people at Champlain that cruise with us no other time of the year and it's a grand yearly reunion.

Favorite spots:
Deep Bay
Burton Island
Otter Creek/Vergennes
Mallet's Bay Boat Club
Burlington Boat House and Burlington itself
anchoring under "Allen's Hill" in Shelburne Bay

Can't say enough...if you haven't been there, you must attend!

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Re: Question of the month - May

Post by OverEasy » Mon May 27, 2013 7:30 pm

I agree that Champlain is the best freshwater sailing (so far)! We have returned there many times on our own and especially like North Beach and the several coves on Valcour Island’s eastern shore. Our first club rendezvous started at Niquettes Beach in 2006. We were among fifteen MacGregors all stern-to the beach with a very high lake water level. We were stuck there for two days/nights due to a storm before were could finally start sailing.

However, my favorite rendezvous was Penobscot Bay 2007, Labor Day long weekend. Two boats made the trip, SPICE with Dan & Linda Lacy and OVER EASY with myself & Abby (dog). This part of the Maine coast was totally new to me and I relied on Dan & Linda’s experience & familiarity in these waters. They showed me some beautiful places and anchorages including Pulpit Harbor, Russ Island, Swans Island and McGlathery Island. On what was to be the last day of the cruise, due to my naive exuberance in chasing the wind, we got separated and I was alone in some pretty awesome drop-the-sails conditions with a roller furler that wouldn’t furl. This was the start of a thirty hour test of being ‘alone’ at sea. Decisions, despair, discovery and deliverance. I had some rough moments in that extra day, but overall, I met and solved the challenges and returned in one piece.
Growing up, I spent a lot of time on Lake Winnipesaukee (Little Bear Island), and have fond memories of ‘The Lake’ & the islands. The islands of Penobscot Bay, especially of the Stonington vicinity manifest that same fondness and I look forward to every opportunity to return to these waters.

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Re: Question of the month - May

Post by ahill » Thu May 30, 2013 10:00 am

Another vote for Lake Champlain, although we enjoy every rendezvous with NETS. Going with our helpful, friendly and fun loving group adds so much to every rendezvous.

I'd like to add the Maritime Museum in Vergennes to Dan and Nancy's list of fun places at Champlain. So much interesting stuff at the museum you could spend 2 days and not see everything. We have been going almost every year to Champlain and haven't even seen 1/10 of what the lake has to offer. Going to a different location each day adds variety to the trip, doing it with friends and making new friends makes it so much better.

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Re: Question of the month - May

Post by Tsatzsue » Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:10 am

Tashmoo to date. Each one gets better.

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