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Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:00 pm
by Tsatzsue
Tashmoo looks like a blast and we are in!! We may head over to Hadley on Friday night so we don't have to rush to make the Woods passage window. It was great meeting everyone at Allen Harbor and we look forward to another outing. Betty the dog is joining us. She had so much fun on the boat last week. We rented a house on the ocean on Sagamore beach last week. We had the Tsatzsue anchored out front and the sailing was awesome!! A bit windy!! Gotta love the Mac's roller reefing!!

Remember Tashmoo rhymes with Tsatsue and of course a Tsatsue is the famous family cocktail, my boats namesake. We will have ample supplies, as promised for happy hour Saturday afternoon. We will be better stocked with appetizers this time as well. Thanks to all who fed the hungry troops last time around.

KB and Crew

Re: Tashmoo

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:18 pm
by Mildred Rose
Marthas Vineyard is always a good time! We visit there later in the season as well on the 'Buzzards bay rendezvous'

We are there many times a year, as we keep our boat in Marion. A few short hours and you are there.

As I mentioned in the worksheet... Set your anchor well. Its about 10 or so feet deep.. so at least 70-80' of anchor rode. Power set the anchor. I have dragged way too many times there. The weeds can easily foul an anchor. Not trying to scare anyone off, but it is a real concern.

We will have our dinghy there, if you don't have one, just look for the 38' blue sloop - Mildred Rose, holler as us when you get there!