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Boat Repairs on!!

Posted: Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:29 am
by Tsatzsue
Finally I can get at the boat with a shovel. Project one, repair the damage to the motor mount- check. I replaced the pivot pins on the mount that were damaged on my last trip coming out of the canal. Of course the original pins were some weird size that Rodger must have had from stock laying around. I had new ones fabricated and I driller out the mounting holes to accept them. The spring assist lift now actually works.

This weekend the trailer springs are getting the POR15 application, the snaps for the pop top canvas are getting replaced and any deck hardware rework to keep water out of the core/ cabin is getting done. Stripping the wax and buffing may also start happening but that depends on the weather. It never ends!

Please post you spring preparations!

Happy Sailing!!
Ken B.
S/V Tsatzsue