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Underway Finally!

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 6:51 am
by Tsatzsue
Well the cover is off!!

Welded up some new goal posts and a spare tire holder for the trailer. Reworked the lights and all is good. Galvy beam clamps this time. New tires and repacked bearings. LED anchor and nav lights installed. Batteries in and charged. New on board charger installed. Motor fired right up. Word of not look at the flywheel after removing oxidation with penetrating oil when starting. Especially if it is exactly at eye level!

New compass has a different layout. I made a mounting plate out of lexan and need to complete the install.

So...cabin ceiling paint, tea trim and mast raising system is left. Oh, and new VHF etc....The list goes on.

It felt good to get started and a little closer to launch.

Ken B
Cmdre - NETS

Re: Underway Finally!

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:35 am
by Wave Walker
I'm getting there!

1. Relocated the batteries and water tanks to the aft end of the vee berth. There all clamped down to survive a capsize.
2. Replaced the voltmeters on the electrical panel, and installed high current quick disconnects for the power in to the panel and the power to the breakers and switches. Now I can remove and service the panel without cutting and resplicing wires.
3. Almost finished restoring the vee berth for sleeping
4. Made a new bimini top, cover, and tiller cover out of pacific blue sunbrella. Next is mainsail cover and headsail bag
5. Did all the trailer work last fall, including new wheels and tires
6. Oh - and an awesome free upgrade--Someone ran into the back of my Ford Explorer when I had the hitch ball on it. Most of the rear end was well protected, but the receiver was bent and had to be replaced. I got the dealer to replace it with a class 3 receiver, since it was the same price as the original light-duty class 2.
7. I still need to install the anchor roller, and probably relocate/replace the bow light in the process.

Now I understand why sailing is a hobby for either a rich or retired (often both) person. Need either the time to do the work, or the money to pay someone.

See you in a month! Who wants to trailer to Lubec, Maine and do some whale and puffin watching around Grand Manan Island and Machias Seal Island? Maybe I need more experience before I brave the fog, currents, and 18 foot tides of Bay of Fundy.


Re: Underway Finally!

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:57 pm
by Tsatzsue
Sounds great Randy!!

I'm in the same boat! Hahaha. Neither money or time. Getting there. I still have sheaves on the mast that I made out of mahogany and sealed with beeswax. The boats are endless. Gets to a point when the sails have to go up and the list is on hold. After next weekend I will be at that point. I need to hear the keel hum.

Ken B.
Cmdre - NETS