Barbara and Loyd's Journey

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Barbara and Loyd's Journey

Post by Mildred Rose » Mon May 05, 2008 9:14 am

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April 28, 2008

Hi all,

Well I made it to Norfolk and so did Loyd and Alan. They left Oriental on
Thursday morning and headed up the intercoastal water way again. They
were going to take a lay day but decided to make hay while the sun
shines - or sail when there are fair winds and fine weather. They went
to the mouth of the Pungo river - 47nm. The next day they went to
Coinjock - at the southern end of the virginia cut canal. - 70 nm.
Saturday they went to Portsmouth - 42 nm and arrived in Norfolk
yesterday - 21 nm. We are at Cove Marina on the Navy base. I got picked
up at the airport at noon today (Monday) and we are all provisioned and
set to go up the Chesapeake tomorrow. The weather isn't too nice today
but we're hoping the front comes through tonight as predicted. We're
looking to sail/motor overnight so we can make some time. Don't know when
we will stop and do something like this again. Spring has arrived here -
all the leaves are out and it's pretty warm.

Take care and I'll write when I get a chance.

Paul S

"Mildred Rose"
1968 Ohlson 38
A boat is never 'finished', if there is nothing for you to currently work on, it is merely 'resting'.

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Mildred Rose
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Boat_year: 1968
Boat Make: Ohlson
Boat_Model: 38
Boat_Name: Mildred Rose
Location: Boston, MA

Re: Barbara and Loyd's Journey

Post by Mildred Rose » Mon May 05, 2008 9:15 am

Update from Barbara:
May 4, 2008

Hi all,
Well it's Sunday evening and I've finally gotten to the computer
again. It's been an interesting week.

Tuesday (4/29) we headed out from Norfolk as planned around 7am. We
left before breakfast and I headed down below to get a piece of
fruit. That was the only thing I ate all day. For the first time
in my life I was sea sick. It was pretty rough on Chesapeake bay.
I napped for a while in late afternoon and we anchored for the
night - rather than trying to push overnight. Dinner was dry
Cherrios. Distance traveled 63 nautical miles (NM)

Wednesday dawned windy as Tuesday. The wind had shifted so we were
rocking a little. I got up, got dressed and headed for the
cockpit. By noon it had quieted down so we decided to head all the
way to Annapolis. We stopped on the way to help another sailboat
with engine problems. It was a long day - we arrived up Mill Creek
at 10:30. Distance traveled 91 NM.

Thursday dawned beautiful South winds predicted so we headed out
early (around 7am again) before the seas kicked up. Had a gorgous
sail all the way up the bay and into the C and D (that's Chesapeake
and Delaware) canal. We stopped at Chesapeake City at around 3pm
and had a relaxing afternoon. Distance traveled 48 NM.

Friday was another beautiful day. We left even earlier to catch the
current running in the canal and down the Delaware Bay. Arrived at
Cape May at around 5:15 pm. It was so nice and the winds for the
next day were favorable so we decided to keep going. Well NOAA was
wrong and 3+ hrs later we turned back in a NE winds and heavy seas.
We arrived back at Cape May at around 12:30 Saturday morning. It
was a 110 NM day. but we only netted 62NM on the trip. Thank
heavens for chart plotter gps and radar.

It's now Sunday and here we sit waiting for what we hope is a good
weather window tomorrow to head up the Jersey shore.

Paul S

"Mildred Rose"
1968 Ohlson 38
A boat is never 'finished', if there is nothing for you to currently work on, it is merely 'resting'.

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Re: Barbara and Loyd's Journey

Post by whale » Tue May 06, 2008 2:28 pm

Hi all,
It's me again - Great day yesterday (Monday). We left at "0 dark 30" as the captain said. Actually we were all awake at about 4:30 and left about 5am - headed from Cape May to ? as the log said. It started out flat and light NE winds. By 7am the winds had picked up (just in the direction we were trying to travel.). By around 1pm we were off Atlantic City and things had quieted down and shifted a little to the east. We then made the decision to head for Sandy Hook NJ. It was a beatuiful night the winds died down so we motored toward NY city with all the lights. The Empire state Bldg light goes off at midnight - the Verrizano Narrows bridge light goes off at 1 am. We arrived at Sandy Hook at 2:45 and were up again at 6:30 to get into NY harbor with a favorible current. We are now sitting behind the statue of Liberty waiting for slack water at Hell Gate (up the East River) We'll head out of here in about an hour and stop who knows where.
At this point Monday 121 NM and only 17 NM today.

I'll write again when I have a chance.


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Re: Barbara and Loyd's Journey

Post by whale » Thu May 08, 2008 5:50 pm

Hi all,
Back playing the waiting game again - maybe for several days as we need another good weather window.

We left NY harbor at 3: 30 on Tuesday (5/6) about 1/2 hr ahead of schedule. It was a beautiful afternoon and I expected that we wouldn't be stopping for the evening as planned. Because we were a little ahead of schedule we ran into a pretty strong current in the East River headed toward "Hell Gate" but we made Hell Gate at slack water and shortly after that a friend in a trawler passed us - they taking pictures of Alan's boat and we taking pictures of their boat. The sail out of NY under all the bridges and into Long Island Sound was absolutely beautiful. We sailed right Past Port Washington - our stopping point for the night - and continued right up Long Island Sound.

I was told to get some sleep and they would wake me if needed. I finally got up around 0 dark 30 ( which was about 4:45 am ) and we were about up to Old Saybrook - and the mouth of the Conniticut River. The wind was out of the NW at about 7 or 8 knots but shifted during the day to SW - carrying us right into Newport RI and here we sit at the Navy Base till the weather turns.

Slack water in the Cape Cod Canal is 6 - 8 am and pm for the next couple of days. The winds are predicted to be out of the north and quite strong - which makes it for a rough ride up to Portsmouth. We had a car today and will have one tomorrow but after that we will hunker down on the boat and wait.

I expect the next posting will be the end of the trip because I expect if the weather is good we'll do the next section in one shot.


PS tomorrow (Friday 5/9)is Ed Goodhue's birthday Send him an note saying happy Birthday.

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Re: Barbara and Loyd's Journey

Post by whale » Fri May 16, 2008 7:10 pm


This is it - the final chapter of the story. Well we sat and we sat in Newport. We actually had a car for3 days and an invite for dinner on Saturday night for a friend of Loyd and Alan's. We hung around all day Sunday - an absolutely gorgeous day on Narragansett Bay. Monday morning a little after 0 dark 30 (actually about 6:30 and the sun was up) The captain asked if anyone was up for driving to Fredricksburg VA for the day. After much discussion the plan was for Loyd and I to rent a car, drop Alan off at the airport ( he was headed to VA to pick up his car - and visit his grandsons) and we headed to my daughters ( to visit my grandsons). We also called Ed Goodhue, who was launching his boat on Tuesday, and actually gave him a hand Tuesday afternoon.

So, you say, what about sailing. Well it was blowing like stink when we were helping Ed so we were glad we weren't out on the water. But we headed back to Newport on Wednesday morning. The captain got stuck in NY City traffic and arrived at 14:30 (thats 2:30 for you non military people) and we left the dock 10 minutes later. The plan - to reach the Cape Cod Canal around 12:30 AM and just keep going till we made Portsmouth NH. Alan was up at 3:30 AM to drive back so the plan was for Loyd and I to take over after we cleared the canal. We were about 1 1/2 hours early so the going was slow against the current and we slowed down for a while. We made the Hog Island channel around 11:00 and and the beginning of the canal at midnight. We were through the canal at 1:30 am and the captain headed for his bunk. We had a beautiful motor (no wind) through Cape Cod Bay. The waves picked up once we were out in the open ocean. The waves were down to 5 - 8 foot but were far apart so it was like riding up and down hills, rather than crashing into short choppy seas.

Things got better as the night progressed. It turned out that it started getting light at about 4 am. We were off Cape Ann (Gloucester MA) at around 11:30 am and into the slip at the Navy Yard at around 3pm Thursday - just a little over 24 hours after leaving Newport.

I don't know the total miles logged for the trip ( and I don't have the log book here to check) but Loyd was on the boat for 29 days and I was there for 17. Loyd and Alan sailed through from Jacksonville FL without stopping till the Monday they waited for me - the weather was bad anyway. Once I joined them we had 2 layover days in Cape May and 6 in Newport. I sailed with them a total of 8 days ( with 9 layover days - counting the first day I was there) and went from Norfolk VA to Portsmouth NH.

It was a great experience. There are things I knew about that I got to put into practice.

We needed to do some planning for currents in the C &`D Canal, coming into NY City, going out of the City up the East River, through Fisher Island Sound at the end of Connecticut, and through the Cape Cod Canal. I was the one who planned the whole trip from Newport through the Cape Cod Canal while Alan was driving back on Monday. He got on the boat and after 5 minutes of explaining he said "lets go - once we're on our way I get to sleep and you can take over". What fun and sense of accomplishment that he trusted Loyd and I to handle things.

I spent quite a bit of time watching the radar in the evenings so I knew what I was looking at when it was dark out. The only problem in Cape Cod Bay was as buoy that we were close to. When there is a blip on the radar screen, it's always nice to know what it is.

We did a lot of watching weather and hoping for a good weather window. It was hard to sit around Newport on a beautiful sunny Sunday, knowing we were 24 hrs from home but knowing we didn't have time to get there before another NE gale kicked up. We knew several other people heading for Portsmouth who were also waiting for the weather to change. Though we were looking to get back as soon as possible - this was not cruising, but moving a boat - yet we didn't take chances with the weather. We got caught out in the ocean one evening when the weather wasn't as predicted and it wasn't fun. That was a good reminder not to risk things.

I won't be at Alan Harbor - Loyd's boat goes in that weekend - but hope to be on Lake Champlain in Whale. Oh by the way the boat we were sailing on is 'Whale Song'

Smooth sailing to you all this summer

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