Macgregor Electric System

The electric system supplied by Macgregor consists of a battery and a control panel with 3 switches. These switches control the cabin light(s), The running lights (bow and stern And the steaming light on the mast. The boats have no provision for a radio or other electronics.

The wiring is heavy guage zip cord. (lamp cord) which is 16 guage. Most hardware stores sell a lighter guage cord (18 guage). The cord is fatter than the light guage.

In the control panel are three fuses. If a fuse is blown the lamp in the switch will not light when the switch is turned on. To remove a fuse press a sharp tool into the side of the base next to where it says fuse. The red lens should then pop out. Since each bulb uses one amp using a 5 amp fuse should provide adaquate protection.

The zip cord is coded as to polarity. One wire has ribs on it and the other has dashes. It is also a good idea to put a fuse right at the battery. Below is a drawing of the electric system. When you look behind the control panel you see a mess of wiring all joined together with wiring slices and it looks a mess. By using the diagram you can figure out what wire does what. It is a great help if you have a red and black pen and mark the wiring. Red for positive and black for negative.