Cleaning Hints -
Discolored Topsides and Removing Adhesive
By Carol Moseley

Here are a few cleaning things we have tried on Time Enough, that we would like to pass along. This is especially great for fiberglass hulled boats, like the Mac's, but others have used it and were awed by the results.

While traveling the ICW last fall, the boat acquired the "waterway mustache". A tea colored stain, most notiable on the bow, but really,the whole water line was affected. We stopped for a night at a marina on Jekyll Island, to do the usual, reprovision, do laundry, shower, a meal out, and cammeraderie with other southbound cruisers. Several times we walked by a lovely Shannon sporting the mustache as well. One time it looked like someone had dribbled something on a small area on the stain, that made it disappear. When we met the captain, she shared her secret. Just straight lemon juice was the answer! She had one of those small "plastic" lemons, and had squirted an area on the bow with the last drop. Well, put that on the shopping list, and get a couple of quarts. I was so anxious to try it on Time Enough. Sure enough, just spray it on, and viola, it fades away before your eyes. It doesn't even need scrubbing, or rinsing. Such a refreshing, and more environmentally friendly solution for the environment, compared to those {costly} toxic, chemical alternatives that require gloves, maybe a mask, and a calm day. Try it, and pass it along. You too will be amazed at the results.

One more thought on the lemon juice for removing the hull stains. If your boat has bottom paint, and the juice is applied when the boat is out of the water, we had greenish streaks where the juice dribbled down. Somewhat unsightly. One may want to consider protecting this surface.

Having used velco with adhesive on the inside hull a fair amount, we found out when it came time to replace it, the old glue dried, and turned to cement. It wouldn't budge with anything. Acetone, Goo Gone, etc etc, anything we tried, just didn't work. Bob said "why don't you try the carborator cleaner". Success! Read the label, before you try it. It also worked very well.

Fair Winds
SV Time Enough