Keel Winch and Cable

All the Macgregor boats with iron keels are at least 12 years old. Some of these winches are giving trouble. When looking for a replacement some people are putting in trailer winches. This is dangerous as it is possible for the handle to "get away from" the operator when lowering the keel and for the handle to spin wildly. Getting hit by the spinning handle can cause serious injury. The original winch used on the M25 (and probably all the other boats) was made by Dutton-Lainson Co Hashing, Nebraska. This winch is not like a trailer winch. This winch is called a brakewinch because there is a brake incorporated in it that will prevent the spinning of the handle. If the handle is not turned by hand the keel will not go down.

Dutton-Lainson only sells their winches wholesale but you can call Dutton-Lanison at 402-462-4141 to find out who sells their winches in your area. The winch you want is Model DLB800. Someone on the internet recently purchased one for $51.00 The winch can be ordered from Boat/US special order dept or if you are familiar with Grainger they sell them. Grainger winch page

Grainger stock no 6W045 The keel cable is 3/16 stainless wire 7X19. This cable needs a thimble put on one end with a nicopress. The thimble should be large enough to allow a 3/8th bolt to pass through it. It is best to change the cable with the boat on the trailer. The bolt holding the cable to the keel is likely to be rusted in. Also it is easier to remove the winch in order to change the cable than to try to change it with the winch in place.

The pivot bolt for the keel is 5/8 and the hole in the keel is 11/16 The side force is not supposed to be on the bolt. The keel is supposed to ride on the side of the trunk.

THis information is from Hap Aldrich

Here's a great resource for replacement Venture keel winches... I've paid nearly $100.00 for this retail...

Here, it's $34.00! Lots of good 'stuff' on this site.  RECOMMENDED>

               Winch with Automatic Brake

     Multiple application winch  raise or lower boats, sailboat keels, and more
     Automatic brake holds load in position when handle is released
     Minimum operating load of 50 lbs.
     Rugged construction, 7in. handle; U.S.A.
     Weight Capacity 800 lbs.
     Drum Diameter 1 7/8in.
     Gear Ratio 4.4:1
     Maximum Drum Cable Capacity 3/16in. x 68ft.

Ship Wt. 8.00 lbs.
Item# 129681
Discount Price... $ 39.99
Sale Price... $33.99