26X Drawers

     We purchased our Mac 26X in April of 97 and love it, but a lingering
problem has been the limitation on easy-access storage space. We found
ourselves living out of canvas bags and could never find anything when we
wanted it. 

     The following 3 photos show a simple system that I installed to solve
this problem.


     The first two show the space under the galley sink. Briefly, I removed
the plastic insert provided by MacGregor. I widened the front fiberglas
opening that remained, cut the new border out of 1/8 inch birch, used  (4)
inch all-threads to support a plywood base and a plywood top under the
and then slid in six individual plastic drawers, purchased at Office Max
about $6.50 each, into the space, and put the border piece on the outside.
removed the plexiglas door from the Mac unit and placed it on the right
side, as you can see.

     The third picture shows how I put (2) 3-piece units (as I recall about
$25 each, also from Office Max) under the dinette. All I had to do was
the table leg and these units fit in exactly as you see them. I didn't even
have to attach them.

     Since the drawers are clear plastic, it's easy to see what's in them.
This has really revolutionized our existance on the Mac 26X. Also, to keep
drawers securely closed during sailing, I drilled a small hole on the top
bottom of each unit, and then just attached a small bungi cord over the
of the drawers.

     I want to add that I am not a skilled craftsman or anything, but I am
pretty good at design, and I spent many hours of frustration trying to
out the best way to do it. 

Mac26X "Anesthesia"
Sassafras River
Chesapeake Bay