26X Replacement Trailer

These pictures are of a trailer that was set up to replace an X trailer that was dying from rust.

The trailer supports the boat in the same places as the original and has a dual axle in order to carry the boat without overloading the axle or tires.

The trailer brand is "Venture" and is rated at 4600 lbs. It is galvanized and the axles are bolted on which makes it so they can be moved fore and aft in order to get the tongue weight right. The axles are also torque tubes which is used in place of springs.

The first picture shows the front part of the trailer.

This shows the front of the trailer with a V block and a roller to help the bow into the V.

This shows an added cross member which is made from a 4x4 and has a shim on it whhich is padded with carpet.

This is the front cross member which has been shimmed so that the boat will rest on the entire width.

This is looking aft. The axle has been padded so that the boat will not rub on it when the boat is being loaded. The rear cross member has shimes to support the boat across the hull

This is looking forward again. it show the two cross members and the two axles.