Wallpaper on Windows
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'Wallpaper' is the term used to denote an image placed in the background of your 'desktop' - the visible background that you see when no programs are opened.

Most versions of windows allow you to easily set your background like this in Internet Explorer:

1. Click on the NE-TS version matching the size of your computer screen. If unsure, choose the 800 version.

2. The picture appears in your browser (assuming it does! It will in most). Aim mouse at picture, and right click. A menu appears.

3. One of the choices should be "Set as Wallpaper" OR "set as Background".

NOTE: If you were unsure of your screen resolution and guessed 800, and then find that the photo is very blocky and rough on your desktop, go back to step one and try the 1024 version instead.

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