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2007 Allen's Harbor 1 Rendezvous

By Roseanne Carr

I'd like to report what a wonderful sailing adventure we had sailing Narragansett Bay last weekend. But alas our sailing adventure turned into a learning experience.

We arrived at Allen Harbor shortly after 4:oo p.m. and were pleased that it was dry and cool perfect weather for rigging the 'Rosebud' In no time we were ready to launch. Bart backed her down the ramp and as soon as she was tied up I went aboard to open the ballast valve. Actually I found it open and I presumed I hadn't closed it after our last sail. All seemed to be going well and just about the time that Bart returned from parking the trailer I proceeded to close the valve. Imagine how surprised I was to find that the shaft not only didn't tighten up but that it came right up in my hand. We hit a few snags getting back up the ramp but with help from our sailing friends we were soon back up on dry land.

On Saturday I contacted Blue Water Yachts in Seattle Washington who seem to be the only Marine Parts Supplier that is devoted to helping Macgregor sailors. Check out their web site.

They don't have a catalog of parts online but you can send them an e-mail or contact them by phone and they are knowledgeable, helpful and well supplied.

They shipped my new valve the first of this week and I'm happy to report it is easy to install and it fits perfectly. The cost was $40.00 plus shipping. We compared the broken shaft to the new one and it appears that it let go right at the weld. Since we still have the shaft and top parts to the valve we plan to have a backup replacement valve made. We also got a call From Mark Truscott in N.Y. who offered to take his valve out of his boat, take it to a welder to copy one for us.

So we learned a couple of things from this experience.

1 Check your valve the weld may rust

2 Blue Water Yachts is a great supplier

3 The support of N.E.T.S. friends is invaluable.

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