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The Allen Harbor Rendezvous June 8 - 10, 2007

By Tony DiStefano skipper of "The Beep"

Since no one has written a report, and you have seen the pictures, let me tell you my version of my trip to Allen Harbor this year.

Due to some freak of nature The Beep was not only washed and cleaned but all the sails and equipment were on board before leaving. It was a shock to me. No trips to the hardware store for missing parts. I did not know what to do when I got to Allen Harbor at about 8:30PM on Thursday. Who thought up all the road changes? It took a few turns to get to the right spot. Just keep the rail road tracks on the right side I kept telling myself and I made it.

I phoned Ed Goodhue - Dolphin was anchored in the north east corner and had the fenders ready. I took my time setting the boat up, to give the bearings time to cool before launch.

When I backed down the ramp and took the safety chain off I noticed that the center board was hanging down out of the trunk. I climbed up and in and pulled as best I could but no change so I knew I had to put the trailer deeper in the water. So I backed down and as the rear tires hit the water and the boat should have launched nothing happened, so I backed further the boat floated a little but stayed on the trailer. I pulled out and looked and yes the center board was still down but the boat only had to float 4 inches and it would clear the trailer. The tide was low but it should work, so I tried it again and this time went till I just heard the tail pipe hit the water, still no success! Out I came again checking the boat bottom the trailer then back in and this time the tail pipe and rear fender were under the water and still the boat would not float. I pulled out again and tried to think what could I do to correct this? Looking again at the boat I realized that I had not disconnected the boat from the winch. This time I backed down and the boat floated perfectly to the dock. Please do not remind me about this as when I rafted to Ed, he told me he saw a lot of lights going up and down at the launch ramp and since that was me, I will not forget!

After some good talk we had a good night of sleep and chose to visit Jack and Rani on Dror as this was the day they were bending sails. We had a great sail but with the wind out of the west we did a lot of tacking to get up to Mt. Hope Bridge. Each of us tried a different course to show up the other but both of us were beaten by the wind and there was not good course. Arriving at Jack?s we rafted and started talking about what needed to be done and who was to do it and then a motor boat came up and Ed and I were told to leave as there is no rafting on the moorings in the marina. Back to sailing getting to the bridge was easy but that is where the wind changed and it was motor sail just about all the way back to Allen Harbor.

We docked and helped the NE-TS group launch and started the usual talking that goes on at the ramp. Rosebud was just coming out of the water at that time. The group split into those going to dinner and those going to anchor. I went to anchor again with Ed, for an old sailor he sure knows how to set an anchor. Tea time then dinner then talk and another good night sleep.

At 5am Mildred Rose was up against my boat, in my mind I thought what a great sleep I did not even hear them raft up. At about 6:30 Paul was not there but on a mooring. Amazing I thought, only to find out we were swinging on our rode and we went to Paul so we then rafted and had a talk. The beautiful sun rise turned to overcast and there seemed no end to it so about noon we chose to motor to Potters Cove and about 7 boats took off. It was a rainy ride (glad to have my new rain coat) and it was nice to raft up to Ed again and have a chance to dry off. There were a few boats in the cove but many fewer than usual.

It seems the moment the rain stopped the party started and folks from the surrounding boats showed up and Dan of Y Knot was the driver. As usual the conversation covered a multitude of topics and was very interesting. Drink and snacks flowed and a good time was had by all. Then it was time for dinner and back to there boat the group went.

Another good night of sleep then on Sunday we chose to meet Dror at Mt. Hope bridge, boats were leaving in all directions to do different things. With the wind from the north we chose to wing on wind towards Newport. We made about to the bridge when Dror had to return so Ed and I sailed thru the racers and took a great trip to Allen Harbor. The wind was great and we both had our bottoms showing as we would not reduce sail. But then once again the wind changed and it was flat sailing. Once back at Allen Harbor the boats were being taken out and it was a little sad that the weekend was coming to an end.

The excitement of my first NE-TS sail of the year with the let down of it being over, but now it?s time for Lake Champlain more to do etc.

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