Wind, Water and Waves

The return trip from Martha's Vineyard

By Karen Hill
with pictures by the Walkers and Paul Seeberg

editors note: There are few pictures because everyone was to busy hanging on and trying to stay dry
The trip so far has been fun. Some sailing but lots of using the "Iron Jenny". Most everyone went in to get Ice Cream and walk around the area. We didn't set up our dingy and we were taxied in and out by Paul and Millie in the new dingy (it kind of looks like Don's last one) but neater and with a motor. We All discovered the anchoring was NOT so good this time. Due to wind shift and weedy bottom some anchors dragged and moved a considerable distance. Our friend the Mildred Rose took such a trip and as luck and two nervous Captains slept on deck disaster was averted when Mildred Rose came alongside Karamal. To those that woke to see us rafted together, now you know why.
We had to leave Tashmoo Lake before noon so we could make the crossing with the tide and current, so we were all underway by 10AM. We ALL had heard the weather report and Nantucket would have to wait till next season to see our sails, High winds up to 40 mph (yikes),High seas up to 10-15 feet (yikes).Rain and lots of it thanks to Tropical Storm Florence coming our way, and we had a short window of time to get anywhere.

leaving Tashmoo

The group started out together, imagine 18 boats all leaving from one small opening, what a sight I hope someone got a picture of it. Several boats went to the east to sail a bit and boy were they flying. The rest started back toward Woods Hole. Most tried to sail but the wind was gusty, so we turned on the Iron Jenny and attempted to motor to Woods Hole. We bounced a lot and hit many waves or did the waves hit us first?? All I know is that when my yarn got wet I went below. I watched the other boats as they bobbed like corks on the water and asked Al how come I could see water through the starboard and port windows and see water coming over the the bow at the same time? His answer: This is fun, whoopee!! As he laughed out loud.

Heading upwind on Sunday

I was nervous but I enjoyed (I don't believe I'm saying this) the blasts of water and the cresting on a wave only to have a bigger wave slap the boat. It was scary and fun at the same time. Oh, let us not forget that it is raining walls of water.

No pictures of Al - this is what Paul looked like half way home

We listened in as several people voiced there destinations. Some went over to Red Brook to anchor till Florence was gone. They said they could dingy in for dinner and supplies. Some went to the South (Cuttyhunk I think), and the rest of us went back to the launch ramp we came in on.
We had 10 boats all coming out of the water, using the ramp, de-rigging and everyone helping each other at the same time. Wow, what a sight we were to see. The rain let up and the sun came out as we were all heading back home to dry off our boats inside and out.
All in all I think we all had a great time even with the wild wind, the water from the waves and the rain.
See you all in the fall for our next meeting (on dry land) and or at the Christmas Party.
Karen Hill (Admiral of the Karamal)

The North East Trailer Sailors

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