photos by Barbara, Frank and Rani
kids Look out for that ferry! moored at Deep Bay more stories Ms Chievious
kids.jpg Look out for tha... moored at Deep B... more stories.jpg Ms Chievious.jpg
Music and dance music time no mosquitoes will get me! Rani&Revi playing mbira rog
Music and dance.jpg music time.jpg no mosquitoes wi... Rani&Revi playin... rog.jpg
So much cooler here sooo long to go story time sunset at Sonja and Frank's sunset at Valcour
So much cooler h... sooo long to go.jpg story time.jpg sunset at Sonja ... sunset at Valcou...
sunset20628 tabbysteve The Whale at Valcour tony2steve us2
sunset20628.jpg tabbysteve.jpg The Whale at Val... tony2steve.jpg us2.jpg
Valcour sunset valcour1 valcour2 Wake me when something happens! We're in control of the boat now!
Valcour sunset.jpg valcour1.jpg valcour2.jpg Wake me when som... We're in control...
you won't see this again!
you won't see th...