Lake Winnipesaukee 2006 Slideshow/Screen Savers

Want to experience the first rendezvous of 2006? Download a Slideshow/Screensaver for your watching (and listening) enjoyment. With great pictures from members/participants Chuck Healey and George Lavoie, along with text from Karen Hill, you'll experience all the fun and wetness of this year's first rendezvous on your PC screen!

There are two versions provided: With awe-inspiring music and a silent version. Personally, I love the one with the music. But you choose!

Other notes:

  • After downloading, open to install on your PC.
  • After installing, the slideshow can be started manually by clicking on an icon in your menu or desktop, or, use it as a screensaver to automatically start after a period of inactivity. (Adjust this time, or choose not to use it as a screen saver, using display settings property in Windows)
  • This software installs easy, and just as important, uninstalls easy. Comes with an uninstaller.

CHOOSE: (Both are about 8 megs)

Questions? - Rick

PS: I created the executables myself using software I've used for several years without issue. There are no viruses or scum-anything in these files.







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