New England Trailer Sailors

Mike Morris bought a Luger 26-27 last year (2001) and took it home to complete it. The previous owner never got very far in building it. This fall he started working on it and sent these pictures for us to see. Back in the 70's he built a luger 21 and now sails a Venture of Newport.

Day after the boat arrived in the backyard. It is a 1976 Luger 26 which was never compleated by the previous owner.
Cabin interior as it was when we got it. This is a view looking forward
Looking aft the cubbards were just sitting there.
Inside of the hullafter all the old ribs were torn out..
Inside of the hullafter the new ribs were glassed in place.
Front of the cabin. 1st bulkhead, vberth ahead. Head set in place with the cubbards opposite
Galley, counter and first step into cabin. The keel winch is behind and the portable water tank can be seen near the floor.
The hole in the counter isthe top of the ice box. In this picture the sink is folded up. Both the sink and the ice box will drain into the tube that the keel cable comes up thru.
View of the galley. The ice box lid is in place. The sink is in the up position.